E Commerce business in Bangladesh

To become successful in E-Commerce business in Bangladesh.

Untapped Market: To find a perfect E-Commerce business in Bangladesh it is incumbent to find out an untapped market for E-Commerce business model to succeed in it. It is not necessary to find something which is absolutely niche and unique but customer service or giving some kind of value to the customer is extremely important. The ride sharing service was not there in Bangladesh before, but they found the untapped market and therefore became successful. A through research before getting in the business is necessary. Software making is easy, selling the idea is difficult. Therefore researching the market and fulfilling an untapped customer need is vital.
Catchy Content.Content is still the king! Come to think of it when you go to a website, what attracts you the most?It is the content; if you find the content is to be mundane and unattractive to you then it's more than likely that you hop off from that website to some other s…

Web Development

Why a website is necessary

It may seem laughable to you as to the question why a website is necessary, given that you are reading this report on a website!

Let us know the basics of website creation and development. There are about 7 billion people in the world. Many of the people in many countries are not equipped with basic amenities and services and internet access all over the world is still a faraway dream. Yet there are about 3 billion websites in the world which means, for every two people, there is one website! This gives us an idea as to how popular web development has become all over the world and why not? Everywhere people looks towards the internet to find information about anything they want to know about. This is precisely the reason as tho why the website creations are so popular these days. A website enables you to reach potentially every people around the world whenever they want it. Needless to say, for every business small medium or large, a website is an absolute …

About Digital Marketing


NOVEMBER 24, 2016SOHEL MAHBOOB Digital Marketing Digital Marketing has replaced traditional marketing like the LED TV’s have replaced the CRT TV’s, if not obliterated in full in the present context. People are hyper-looped into the world of internet, unfortunately many marketers are yet to recognize the full spectrum  of it. Gone are the days of print and traditional media to push your products and services. Nowadays people are drawn to brands, they would like to hear a story and be referred to it by friends and reviewers. No longer it is effective to push it in the face of a customer. They don’t like it any more. A person from Bangladesh will go to Kuala Lumpur and visit the Marks and Spencer store, find a product, call her sister in London, check price of it online, and make a purchase decision, being not at all search savvy. This happened. I know, as she is my wife! A cheap mobile phone seller at a Dhaka shop, when asked how much the phone is in other shop, quickly c…